Tuesday 16 September 2008

We've gone digital!

We now have pdf downloads available of all our patterns at Celtic Obsessions!

Go to http://www.celticobsessions.com to view our downloads.

Get your pattern instantly! no waiting for it to be mailed to you any more!

Wednesday 11 April 2007

Gift of Stitching Online Magazine

I can highly recommend a great online publication called The Gift of Stitching.

Latest Issue - The Gift of Stitching

Tuesday 10 April 2007

Welcome to my new blog - a little about me.

Hi, welcome to my new blog.

I'm a cross stitch designer currently living and working in Ireland although I've lived in the UK and Australia for many years as well.

I come from a mixed Celtic background and am half Scottish, quarter Welsh and my children and husband are Irish.

I live in Co Tipperary, Ireland with my husband, 2 year old son and am expecting another child in October.

I've been cross stitch designing for many years and my designs are sold through various online and real shops throughout the world and also through Celtic Obsessions www.celticobsessions.com

You can join the Celtic Obsessions online discussion forum at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/celticcrossstitch/ where you will be able to obtain a free cross stitch pattern each month.

Also, you can join the Celtic Obsessions e-Newsletter by emailing subscribe@celticobsessions.com with the word 'subscribe' in the message subject header. The e-Newsletter contains articles on Celtic history, lanuage, websites and highlights new patterns that are available from Celtic Obsessions.

My Myspace site is http://www.myspace.com/celticobsessions

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